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Digital Innovation in Retail

Woolworths Ltd. and Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, QLD), joined a collaboration termed the “Woolworths Chair of Retail Innovation” initiative.

Stated objectives of the initiative have been to:

  • provide seamless integration of the research and scholarship resources of QUT with the requirements of an innovation-led culture of Woolworths leading to quantifiable, short and mid-term benefits including cost reduction and potential new streams of revenue;
  • develop an internationally recognised retail innovation research profile closely affiliated with Woolworths, leading to mutual reputational benefits.

Through the initiative, Woolworths and QUT committed to jointly undertake activities in retail innovation research, education and training for the mutual benefit of Woolworths, Woolworths Group, and QUT; and to provide research-grounded services to ensure successful implementation of all stages along the innovation lifecycle including post-implementation studies leading to increased corporate performance. The initiative’s objective was to conduct applied research on innovations in business, processes and technology-based systems, and the management of innovation processes at Woolworths Limited. Topics addressed a variety of business, management, process, service and IT-components, and thus require holistic and multidisciplinary approaches to research.

The Chair has also been active in supporting capability development at Woolworths, by providing education seminars and contributing to leadership development programs, such as regular Innovation Inspiration Seminars and an Innovation Leadership Professional Education course.

Much of the research has been commercial-in-confidence. For information about the research and outcomes, please contact Professor Jan Recker at

Selected Publications

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Coverage in Media

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