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Research Supervisions


  • Roman Zeiss (Principal supervisor, PhD): Green Information Systems and the Circular Economy.
  • Christian Hovestadt (Principal supervisor, PhD): Process Digitalization.


  • Julian Lehmann (Principal supervisor, PhD): Digital Entrepreneurship.
  • Alexander Schmid (Associate supervisor, PhD): On the Role of Socio-Technical Inertia in Organizational Transformations.
  • Lani Guy (Principal supervisor, PhD): An Engaged Scholarship Approach to Positive Deviance: Towards Purposeful Management of Endogenous Innovation.
  • Mohammad Jabbari Sabegh (Principal supervisor, PhD): Combined Use of Conceptual Models.
  • Joanne Patroni (Principal supervisor, Doctorate of IT): Opening up Innovation: How a Retailer Leverages User-Generated Social Media Content for Innovation.
  • Norizan Safrudin (Principal supervisor, PhD): Management Services in Business Transformation Management.
  • Eike Bernhard (Principal supervisor, PhD): A Theory of Process Modeling Affordances.
  • Erik Poppe (Associate supervisor, PhD): Impact of Synchronous Collaboration Features on Distributed Collaborative Business Process Modelling.
  • Abdulrahman Alarifi (Associate supervisor, PhD): Posters versus Lurkers: Improving Participation in Enterprise Social Networks through Management Interventions.
  • Karsten Ploesser (Associate supervisor, PhD): A Design Theory for Context-aware Information Systems.
  • Sarah Zelt (Associate supervisor, PhD): On the Concept and Role of Context in Business Process Management.
  • Willem Mertens (Associate supervisor, PhD): Positive Deviance: A Study of Measurement and Determinants.
  • Theresa Schmiedel (Associate supervisor, PhD): Understanding Culture as a Concept in Business Process Management Research.
  • Matthias Lange (Associate supervisor, PhD): Evaluating the Realization of Benefits from Enterprise Architecture Management.