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Dear students,

We hope you are well and safe.


We are all grappling with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. It affects all of us and we try our best to adapt and remain resilient. But of course, the situation commands changes to education, examination and consultation, amongst others.

Here are a few of these changes that we need to be aware of:

  1. We conduct online teaching in all our summer term courses beginning at the regular semester start on 6th April 2020. We have compiled comprehensive information on each of our courses in the drop-downs below. Please recognize that student engagement, education and assessment in non-physical forms will be different. Online teaching, learning, consultation and assessment works differently.
    What you can do is to recognize that changes in course delivery, assessment format and learning will have to be made. Much of online education involves doing more work at your own pace and leisure. You will likely need to read and prepare materials by yourself, without direct and constant instruction by a lecturer or tutor. Check back regularly in here and in ILIAS to learn about the new forms of conduct.
  2. Please recognize that any physical contact, of whatever form and for whatever reason, is to be avoided. You should at all times keep your social distance and rely on electronic, digital or virtual forms of communication and collaboration. Alternative arrangements are being made for any student activity that would normally involve social contact. These include, for example, examinations, classes, seminars, group work, exam result inspections, and others. We are in the process of implementing workarounds. These include postponements, virtual meeting spaces, digital learning offerings, alternative assessments, and so forth.
    What you can do is to check whether and which forms of student activity you are currently involved in that would normally include social contact. Check if alternative arrangements are already available. If not, please contact your responsible lecturer or tutor. Expect that changes will be implemented and communicated as soon as available.
  3. New regulations and policies are effected almost every day. We need to prepare for changing situations as we move along. We are working as fast as we can but we all are reacting to new changes almost every day. We do not know all answers or all questions yet.
    What you can do is to check back on this page frequently, as well as the webpages of the faculty and the university:

Best regards and stay safe!

Your IS4-team

Changes to the Individual Courses

Summer Term 2020
Winter Term 2019-20