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Dear students,

We hope you are well and safe. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic still commands changes to education, examination and consultation, amongst others. Here are a few of these changes that you need to be aware of:

  1. Some courses return to physical teaching in the winter term 2021-22: These are Systems Analysis and Design, Bachelor Seminar Information Systems and Digital Technology, as well as Digital Sustainability Lab. Please note that you have to comply with the 3G rule in order to access the university buildings for each session, you can find details here. If you have medical concerns that prevent you from attending physical classes, please contact the respective course instructor so that we can find individual alternative arrangements.
  2. The remaining courses take place online-only due to the limited capacity of the university buildings. This applies to Information Systems and Environmental Sustainability as well as Business Intelligence and Data Management. Please recognize that changes in course delivery, assessment format and learning will have to be made. Much of online education involves doing more work at your own pace and leisure. You will likely need to read and prepare materials by yourself, without direct and constant instruction by a lecturer or tutor. Check back regularly in here and in ILIAS to learn about the new forms of conduct.
  3. We have compiled comprehensive information on each of our courses in the drop-downs below and on the individual course pages. Please also visit the webpages of the faculty and the university:

Best regards and stay safe!

Your IS4-team

Changes to the Individual Courses

Summer Term 2022

The university announced its plan to return to full physical teaching in the summer term 2022, so all information on this page reflects this. However, we will prepare for online/hybrid teaching scenarios in the background, just in case. If anything changes, we will announce it on this page.

Winter Term 2021-22

Summer Term 2021

Winter Term 2020-21

Summer Term 2020
Winter Term 2019-20