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We regularly speak at industry forums, seminars and conferences. We have a number of engaging talks available and we are happy to discuss other topics that build on our research expertise. Simply get in touch.

Available Keynotes

Executive Leadership in the Digital Age

A new wave of Digital Innovation is fundamentally changing the way value is created and captured. Previous waves have basically automated the cow paths of organizational processes but the new wave of digital innovation radically revamps what organizational assets are and how digital resources should be managed. Leaders in the digital age must learn how to manage innovation systems together with their enterprise systems, they need to learn how to manage physical and digital distractions, and adapt their processes to mitigate the disruptive threat of digital threats.

Systemic Ideation: A Playbook for Creating Innovative Ideas More Consciously

Not all ideas require a creative genius, a Eureka moment or a lengthy brainstorming session. The corporate demands for scalable innovation could simply not rely on it. In order to overcome this challenge, we present an innovation playbook with four different strategies that provide a structured method for the conscious and reliable development of innovative ideas.

The Evidence-based Organization: A Platform for Innovation

Innovation is not only about creative ideas but also about making difficult decisions under uncertainty. Evidence-centered principles from science such as data analytics, fact finding, reliable evidence and novel concepts can help organizations in their innovation journeys. I will share experiences from how organizations can build research-as-a-service models to develop better innovation and decision-making capabilities.

Selected Keynotes and Industry Talks