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Module [Module Number] Basismodul Information Systems I [1277BInSy1]
Regular Cycle Winter Term
Teaching Form Lecture + Tutorial
Examination Form Exam
Teaching Language English
Instructor Prof. Dr. Jan Recker
KLIPS Winter Term 2020-21 (Second Registration Phase)
Syllabus Download



  • Sustainable development and sustainability challenges
  • Sustainability metrics and measures
  • The transformative potential of information systems for sustainability
  • Green IT
  • Green IS
  • IS-enabled sustainability phenomena
  • IS as a sustainability problem
  • IS as a sustainability solution

Learning Objectives

Students …
  • understand the relevance and requirements of organisational sustainability.
  • can compare and evaluate various relevant sustainability metrics and indicators.
  • can distinguish between sustainable information technology and sustainable Information Systems.
  • understand approaches to sustainable information systems development, use and management.
  • can compare and check different sustainability requirements for Information Systems.

COVID-19 Situation

As of now, teaching this course will be entirely online, using digital formats for teaching and learning. This allows maximum flexibility in learning the contents and progressing your learning at your own leisure and pace.

Course Conduct

Course contents will be explored in 3h weekly workshops. The workshops have three foci:

  • Covering ant topical, theoretical and technical knowledge about information systems and environmental sustainability.
  • Developing IS-enabled solutions to selected sustainability challenges
  • Discussing the transformative potential of information systems for organizational sustainability

Effectively, this means that the workshops will include lecture-type presentations on relevant topics. They will also involve group work where develop, discuss or evaluate IS-enabled digital solutions to selected sustainability problems. More details will be given in the first workshop.

Roughly, the schedule for each 3h workshop is as follows (not necessarily in this order):

  1. 45-60min lecture on key contents relevant to the week’s topic area.
  2. 45-60min group work (typically in teams of about 4-5 students) on tasks relevant to the week’s topic area.
  3. 45-60min presentation and discussion of team solutions.

We will include appropriate breaks. The workshops run from 10.00-13.00, with 30 min slack for overflow/breaks.

For a schedule of topics, please refer to the syllabus (download above).


Written Individual Exam (100%) of 90 minutes length. The exam will be completed as an electronic exam.

Selected Readings

Relevant papers and other reading materials will be made available via ILIAS.