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Course Info

Module [Module Number] Schwerpunktmodul Information Systems I [1277MSISY1]
Regular Cycle Winter Term
Teaching Form Lecture + Tutorial
Examination Form Portfolio
Teaching Language English
Instructors Dr. Janek Richter 
KLIPS Winter Term 2021-22 (Second Registration Phase)
Syllabus Syllabus 2021



  • Introduction to digital innovation
  • Grand challenges and wicked problems of a sustainable society
  • Selected emergent digital technology stacks
  • Systems development practices suitable for complex contexts and requirements
  • Project and team management
  • Design and implementation of information systems
  • Prototyping and Testing

Learning Objectives

Students …
  • understand what digital innovation means and learn about important related concepts.
  • learn about potentials of emergent digital technologies.
  • understand challenges related to designing information systems for digital innovations.
  • develop an idea for a digital innovation by incorporating latest digital technologies.
  • develop a socio-technical artifact based on their idea.
  • organize themselves and work in independent teams.
  • manage time, team and project conflicts independently.
  • communicate processes and outcomes to relevant stakeholder groups.

COVID-19 Situation

The University of Cologne has announced the upcoming Winter Semester as an online semester by default. The whole course is therefore planned in an online only format. All scheduled events will be organized as webinars. Student presentations will take place online or in a pre-recorded digital format. Depending on the pandemic situation during the semester, team projects may have to be simulated as distributed development projects (meaning that physical meetings may not be possible for student teams). We are observing the situation closely and will gear towards the University’s recommendations.


Students will form teams to complete this unit. In teams, they are free to choose their problem settings to be addressed within their digital innovation project. A selection of hardware technologies will be available with the beginning of the course to start experimentation right away. Team formation is scheduled for the kick-off session. In advance, students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with some preparation material and fill out a brief survey that will be used for team formation. During the semester students will be able to use a fixed budget to buy additional hardware components such as sensors, extensions, motors, tools etc. for their projects on an as-needs basis. Orders have to be issued through the course instructors. 
Over the course of the semester, student teams will continuously work on developing their digital innovation solution. The course will include a range of accompanying help and assistance formats including lectures, tutorials, and one-day interactive workshops. For the workshops, students are provided with resources and materials in advance to prepare for the workshop in a flipped-classroom style.

For more information, please refer to the provided online and course materials.

Assessment and Registration

Portfolio Exam (see provided materials for further information)

Please contact Dr. Janek Richter ( in advance if you are interested in enrolling to the course. Course registration is via KLIPS2.