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Course Info

Module [Module Number] Schwerpunktmodul Information Systems ll [1277MSISY2]
Regular Cycle Summer Term
Teaching Form Combined Lecture and Bootcamp
Examination Form Portfolio
Teaching Language English
Instructor Vertr.-Prof. Dr. Friedrich Chasin
KLIPS Summer Term 2022 (Second Registration Phase)
Syllabus Will be provided later



  • Different forms of entrepreneurship
  • Process models of entrepreneurship
  • IT-centered and digital ventures (i.e., startups)
  • Digital technologies as enablers and triggers of entrepreneurship
  • Best practices of developing and presenting new venture ideas

Learning Objectives

Students …
  • understand the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.
  • evaluate and assess growth and development of new ventures.
  • understand sectoral peculiarities of IT‐centered entrepreneurship.
  • understand peculiarities of digital technologies with respect to the development process of new ventures.
  • assess and evaluate the role of digital technologies in different phases of entrepreneurship.

Structure and Schedule

First Block

  • 12 April 2022, 9:00-18:00, Room 6.224 (Bernhard-Feilchenfeld-Str. 9, building no. 414)
  • 13 April 2022, 9:00-18:00, Room -1.502 (Sibille-Hartmann-Str. 2-8, building no. 415)
  • 14 April 2022, 9:00-18:00, Room -1.502 (Sibille-Hartmann-Str. 2-8, building no. 415)

Second Block

  • 8 June 2022, 9:00-18:00, Room S310 (Pohlighaus, building no. 411)
  • 9 June 2022, 9:00-18:00, Room S310 (Pohlighaus, building no. 411)
  • 10 June 2022, 9:00-18:00, Room S310 (Pohlighaus, building no. 411)


This course will be assessed as a portfolio exam.

1) Mid-Term eExam (60 minutes, date, time and location TBA)

Covering the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Digital Entrepreneurship, 50 points in total.

2) Term Paper (submission deadline TBA)

Creation of a business plan in group work, 50 points in total.

Required Readings

Textbook for Block 1

Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating A Small Business [4th edition]

Steve Mariotti and Caroline Glackin

2015, Pearson

ISBN: 978-1292097411

Available as e-book at the university's library

Relevant Papers for Block 1

Nambisan, S. "Digital Entrepreneurship: Toward a Digital Technology Perspective of Entrepreneurship," Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (41:6) 2017, pp 1029-1055.

von Briel, F., Recker, J., and Davidsson, P. 2018. "Not All Digital Venture Ideas Are Created Equal: Implications for Venture Creation Processes," Journal of Strategic Information Systems,

von Briel, F., Davidsson, P., and Recker, J. "Digital Technologies as External Enablers of New Venture Creation in the IT Hardware Sector," Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (42:1) 2018, pp 47-69.

Davidsson, P., Recker, J., and von Briel, F. 2018. "External Enablement of New Venture Creation: A Framework," Academy of Management Perspectives,