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Digital Innovation, Transformation and Entrepreneurship

Digital technology has spurred unprecedented opportunities for how organizations drive digital innovation. An unprecedented wave of emergent digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, IoT, or blockchain, offer new opportunities for new infrastructures, products, processes, and business models.

These advances have enormous strategic scope for organizational transformation. They create opportunities for changing existing modes of value creation (through digital transformation), generating new modes of value creation (through digital innovation), or establishing new business models (through digital entrepreneurship). Digital innovation, transformation, and entrepreneurship change the competitive landscape of entire industries. Emergent digital technologies offer opportunities for new venture creation in the form of start-ups and new players in the market while also emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurial alertness and the ability to transform in incumbent firms.

Our research in this area covers studies of digital product development (how are digital innovations created and produced?), digital transformation (how do established companies leverage digital technologies and respond to environmental change?) and digital entrepreneurship (how do new emergent digital ventures self-organize? How do they enter existing markets? What offerings do they produce?).

Master or bachelor thesis research in this area can involve empirical research (e.g., case studies, surveys) and literature reviews (e.g., meta-analysis). Topical areas are among others:

  • Scaling agile transformations of incumbent firms
  • Managing AI at work
  • Development of hybrid digital products involving software and hardware
  • Digital technologies and new venture creation